Piosenka Węża
S2E7 Star i Wąż otoczeni fajnymi rzeczami
O piosence
Premiera 1 sierpnia 2016
Odcinek Star vs. Echo Creek
Brian H. Kim
John DiMaggio (śpiew)
Poprzednia "All the Dog Problems"
Następna "Star at Station"

Piosenka Węża- piosenka z odcinka "Star vs. Echo Creek". Morski Wąż śpiewa ją w wyobraźni Star Butterfly, kiedy wskakuje do rzeki, by uciec przed policją.

Słowa angielskie

Wąż Morski
Why didn't you say so?
You've come to the perfect place!
An underwater hideout
To hide your princess face

You can make a shelter

Star Butterfly: That's the pinkest thing I've ever seen.

Wąż Morski
Anything you want to
Sweet and savory together

Star Butterfly: Sugarritos!

Waż Morski
Not because you got to
You want to run a race

Star Butterfly: I love seahorses!

Wąż Morski
But you want to take a nap too

Star Butterfly: Actually, I just did.

Wąż Morski
You never have to
Unless you really want to

Pilot submarines

Star Butterfly: A sandwich!

Wąż Morski
Anything you want to
Stay dirty, stay clean

Star Butterfly: How do you take a bath underwater?

Wąż Morski
I bet you really want to
You can learn le France, decorate some cake
Crash the economy, turn someone to bones
You can make a scrapbook

Star Butterfly: Wait. What was the thing before scrapbook?

Wąż Morski
Anything you want to!

Star Butterfly: Whatever. This is perfect. I can hide out here forever.

Wąż Morski
Only if you want to!

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